Tactile Blue and Copper Bohemian Earrings


This is a 100% handcrafted jewellery a piece incorporating a variety of different materials, contrasts, colours and textures. Nickel free, lead free and contains no hazardous materials. This collection of jewellery contains silver plated brass & metal alloys, glass beads, ceramic stones, crystal rhinestones, and / or fabrics.

Size: 4 cm x 1.7 cm

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This designer studied art in a professional capacity, they loved drawing, sculpture, embroidery or sewing, but above all have been drawn to jewellery as a form of expression.

Their designs emphasise a technique of “matchmaking” materials: testing contrasts, colours and textures and how they interact together.

The designer’s main source of inspiration has always been the materials themselves rather than ideas that come from within. Combining beads and soft tassels with jagged surfaces; matte textures with shiny metals. These are therefore individual pieces that have an experimental touch which involves a sense of freedom and a desire to evoke curiosity and intrigue.

The collections are made from silver plated brass and metal alloys. All metal plating is nickel free and tarnish resistant.