Salt and Pepper Diamond – Starburst Ring (Large Diamond)


Salt and Pepper Diamond Starburst Ring. All the stones are hand picked by this lovely British Designer, with each ring in mind. The diamond is set in 9 ct yellow gold within the starburst and either side on the shank of the ring you will see a rose gold bobble.

The diamonds are one off so you will never get the same ring again. Also the  bobbles can be of varying sizes as they are all handmade.  Every ring that is made has its own unique qualities and individualism.

Size: N

The ring can be resized (the designer offers this and the first resizing is free we will help you with this). Find our Size Guide here.


An amazing British Designer that Liz found years ago, who has become a friend over the years. We love seeing all her designs: the old ones and the new, as they are all amazing.

Her jewellery, whether its in Silver, Gold, set with gemstones or plain, the bobble ring collection, just keeps growing.

She has been making jewellery since she was 16. Since graduating from Birmingham Jewellery School, she has continued to design new pieces which we are always happy to showcase at Armed and Gorgeous.

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