MAKE Gift Set


The perfect gift for those who take their skincare seriously. Made from natural and delicate ingredients, this package is suitable for any skin type. The set contains a Face Rejuvenate Rose Day Cream, Hands Soft Vanilla and Ylang Ylang Hand Cream, and a Feet Revive Lemon, Lime and Lavender Foot Cream. Active ingredients are specially chosen to provide a perfect blend specialised to each area of the body. This really is the finest skincare package that we have to offer!

Size: 3 x 15ml pots


MAKE Skincare is hand-blended in Somerset packed full of natural active ingredients, using a range of exotic oils, vitamins and plant extracts, each product is scented, using the finest essential oils and floral products.

No artificial perfumes, colours, SLS, parabens, mineral oils or any other nasties.

Rose, which restores the skin’s natural radiance, is blended with toning sandalwood and healing lavender essential oils in the special blend. Kiwi seed oil aids elasticity while hyaluronic acid, known as the ‘fountain of youth’ plumps and moisturises. with an abundance of vitamins A, C and E, this is an intensely nourishing, non-greasy day cream.

Jojoba oil and beeswax form a fine layer on the skin to protect against the elements, whilst avocado and thistle oils provide intense moisturising properties. Madagascan vanilla, ylang-ylang and black pepper gives this nourishing hand cream a seductive scent whilst it goes to work softening and protecting the hands.

Lime, lemon, and lavender are deliciously refreshing and invigorating, as well as possessing antiseptic properties making them a perfect combination for your feet. Avacado and apricot oil are also blended with beeswax to combat hard skin and soften the feet, while essential oils leave the feet refreshed, rejuvenated, and lusciously scented.