Black Diamond Eye Drops


Heavily oxidised sterling silver hoops decorated with a gold plated silver drop, featuring a dainty black diamond ‘eye’. The gold contrasts brilliantly with the darker oxidised silver and the diamond, creating a brilliant sleek finish.

Hoop – 1.5cm dia.
Drop – 0.8cm dia.
Diamond – 0.3cm dia.


This piece was hand-selected by Liz (the shop owner) on her travels around Asia! The piece is handmade and supports the local silversmith artisans of the area.
Liz travels once a year to buy jewellery and has been doing so for over 30 years now. Over this time she has developed a keen eye for high-quality jewellery, as well as strong relations with her suppliers.

Please be aware that we buy these beautiful pieces in small quantities at a time and in many cases, there may only be one piece left. Due to the nature of the way we buy this jewellery, it may be months before we restock or it may be that certain pieces will never be restocked.