Stag Beetle Pendant


The king of our woods and gardens, the stag is the largest beetle in the UK countryside and is rarely seen nowadays. This naturally deceased king has been given a new lease of life in solid silver and has been lightly oxidised to darken and accentuate the fine details of his natural form, including all of his legs on the underside.

Chain- 29″/ 73 cm
Beetle- L6 x W3 cm

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Celebrate and cherish the British countryside! The English designer believes that you can’t compete with the raw beauty of nature: the minute detail, the delicate textures and the perfect lines that mother nature constructs so well. If you can’t beat them, join them! The designer creates moulds of real-life special finds across the countryside and casts them, allowing her to create exact replicas of life that retain the finest details of nature. She creates a lasting impression of nature that would otherwise decay and be lost forever. Instead, we have the opportunity to cherish this natural artwork for a lifetime.