Hanging Hawk Moth Necklace (Silver or Silver Oxidised Finish)

A real-life cast of a beautiful British Hawk Moth in sterling silver. Complete with exacting details, this moth has real details on the front, side, and back, and is complete with a full body and legs. The stunning pendant is a real-size replica of this elegant animal; truly unique and special piece of jewellery. The moth hangs from a long belcher chain, ending at just above the belly button, and is available in a choice of polished silver or an oxidised silver finish. The catch can go through any link, meaning the length can be adjusted if needed.

Chain- 29″/ 73.5 cm
Moth- L7.7 x H2.7 cm

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Celebrate and cherish the British countryside! The English designer believes that you can’t compete with the raw beauty of nature: the minute detail, the delicate textures and the perfect lines that mother nature constructs so well. Why beat them when you can join them? The designer creates moulds of real-life special finds across the countryside and casts them, allowing her to create exact replicas of life that retain the finest details of nature. She creates a lasting impression of nature that would otherwise decay and be lost forever. Instead, we have the opportunity to cherish this natural artwork for a lifetime.