Chunky Ripple Bangle


This bangle features a ripple texture in its centre to contrast the lightly hollowed sterling silver bangle, framed with a brow on the edges to complete its form. The bangle is round, sits flat on the wrist and is 12mm wide.


Handmade by father and son team in England, they collectively have over 80 years of solid experience in silversmithing. Originally training as an armour restorer and an engineer, they have pooled their metalwork knowledge to create this family business. Their signature touch involves playful twists, turns and bends in the silver to create a rather elegant feel to their pieces with high quality assured.

Their pieces can be handmade to order for any size and thickness. Prices shown are for a 20 cm bangle. Please contact the A&G team for other sizes, otherwise, you will receive a 20cm bangle.


Please be aware that we are a small independent business and items shown online are also for sale in our store, meaning that there is a possibility it may have been sold prior to your order. If the item is not in stock, it will be made especially for you and will take approximately 2-8 weeks to arrive depending on each individual designer.
(if needed by a certain date please do not hesitate to give us a call as we are always happy to contact the designer to see if the piece can be made by your date they are usually very helpful).